Monday, December 21, 2009

Audrey turns 1!!

One year ago tomorrow, December 22, our family was forever changed by the birth of a beautiful child. Audrey Kate Parman has no idea of the lives she has already impacted. I can see it in the eyes of Vicki and Janis when they look at her. When I watch Reed and Joy take care of her, I can see how she has changed them. They both love her with that love that a parent discovers the minute a child is placed in their arms. God gave Audrey to us on my father's birthday. Had he lived, he would have been 66 years old when his first great grandchild was born. He would have been so very happy. Unfortunately he passed away in 2001, he never saw my sons get married, he never saw my daughter grow into an amazing young woman. There were so many things he was robbed of. Audrey's birth was a gift to our entire family. It seemed to lift a weight from our family and ushered in an era of new hope. I realize this probably sounds like the babbling of a grandfather blinded by love and I am sure it is. I had know idea i could ever love another human being the way I love Audrey. I remember instantly loving Quinn and Reed and Kelsey, it seemed natural, it was easy. I thought I would never feel that way again. I was so wrong. I hope that one day when she is feeling down, she might run across this blog and know how much she is loved, and how much she changed the world, or at least our world. Audrey Kate, you have a whole bunch of people that love and adore you. We have all been praying for you since we knew you were on the way and we believe that God has a very special plan for your life. Your Papa loves you today and always!