Monday, November 23, 2009

Some Days Are Not Fun

This morning I had to fire an employee. I have rarely fired anyone in over 30 years in business. You see, i believe that a job is something held in high esteem. In this, or any economy I have always understood that to have a job is pretty important. I have never had to search, or interview for a job in my life. I have been managing people since I was 16, but i never took for granted that a job was a right or a guarantee. I still feel like I have to prove myself everyday and i guess that will never change. I know so many people today that are struggling to get by because due to no fault of their own they are un- or under employed. When someone has a perfectly good job and refuses to take care of it, it really bothers me, particularly when it is in the company that God has allowed me to oversee. Even in the midst of firing this person, I was trying to give her the opportunity to give me a reason to allow her to stay especially at this time of year. What did she do, she gave me attitude and told me her personal life was none of my business, which I completely agree with.... until her personal life affects my business. Needless to say, it did not end well for her, even though I don't think she cared at all. Words of wisdom.. take care of your job, respect it, and it will take care of you. I hope my friends who are searching for jobs find good employment soon. To those who don't like their job, think their boss is a jerk, and can't wait to find another careful what you ask for.


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